Prospects after Graduation


1.     Research Directions

  • Studies in Chinese proficiency standards
  • Studies in Chinese society and culture
  • Studies in compilation of Chinese teaching materials
  • Analysis and design of Chinese teaching online
  • Studies in Second Language Teaching


2.     Employment

  • Serve as Chinese teacher in teaching institution or language center
  • Engage in the promotion of overseas Chinese teaching
  • Engage in research and development of Chinese teaching materials
  • Engage in the design of the digital Chinese teaching
  • Serve in research and development institute working on Chinese proficiency tests
  • Serve as education trainers


3.     Further Studies

  • Graduate program in Teaching Chinese as Second Language
  • Graduate program in Applied English
  • Graduate program in Applied Chinese
  • Graduate program in Education
  • Graduate program in Digital Media Design or Information Technology
  • Graduate program in International affairs or Diplomacy