Mission, Goals and Objectives



The mission of the TCSL is to develop outstanding “Chinese as a Second Language” language educators and cultivate bilingual Taiwan-based international professionals.


The Department of TCSL offers integrated teaching and learning activities to realize its educational goals as follows:

1) Improve learning quality,

2) Heighten the spirit of teamwork

3) Nuture bilingual talents

4) Develop global citizens



To provide sustainable quality teaching of Chinese to the international community, TCSL has long-term strategic plans to create and design learning standards, assessment frameworks, and develop blueprints for Chinese language instructional materials for both native and non-native speakers. TCSL students will be effective teachers, in addition to being morally responsible global citizens with cultural sensitivity, persons of integrity, and having a passion for teaching. Utilizing technology and advanced learning systems, TCSL strives to actively participate in the international industry of “Teaching Chinese as Second Language” and build International presence for TCSL at MCU.