Bilingual Teaching: 

The language of instruction at TCSL is English, interlaced with Chinese to explain specialized theory and technical terms.  This approach allows students to learn the English language without compromising mastery of new knowledge which is taught in Chinese.  The students are encouraged to adopt and reverse this model to overcome the language barriers when they in turn teach novice Chinese learners in the future.


 International TCSL Conference:

Every year, TCSL hosts a Chinese Language Teaching International Conference and Workshop.  The conference provides awareness of global trends in TCSL, in addition to offering workshops to elevate the teachers’ teaching and research standards and broaden the students’ scope of learning.


Internationalization and Professionalism of Chinese Language Teaching:

In order to meet the growing demands for quality, efficient and effective mastery of Chinese by non-native Chinese speakers, the delivery of TCSL has to be flexible, student-centered, and consistent.  The content needs to cover all aspects of communication such as linguistics, education, information technology, and mass communication.  The delivery mode needs to accommodate different learner styles and education environments.  With an integrated approach, international and professional TCSL teachers can help establish an extensive worldwide network of Mandarin Chinese communicators.