Chair person  Chen, Yih-Lan
Education : Ph.D. in Education, University of Washington, Seattle
Specialty :   Cognition and Linguistic Development, Teaching English as a Second/Foreign Language, Language Learning Motivation & Strategies, Educational Measurement
Office P505   Extension  3661
E-mail : 
Professor  Hu, Jui-Hsueh
Education : East Asia and Human Sciences, University of Paris VII, France
Specialty : Mandarin teaching, Chinese and Western drama studies, thematic studies on Chinese culture, Yijing philosophy and aesthetics, French culture, French teaching
Office Q617   Extension  3360
E-mail :
Associate professor  Cheng, Tsun-Jen
Education : Ph.D. in Chinese Literature, Chinese Culture University
Specialty : Chinese Phonetics, Language Teaching Methodology, Contemporary Chinese Literature, Chinese Folklore
Office Q608     Extension 3351
E-mail :  chengtj@gmail.comProfessor  
Associate professor Tseng, Chia-Ti
Education : Ph.D. in English, TESOL, Tamkang University
Specialty :Cross-cultural communication, Second Language Acquisition, Introduction to Applied Linguistics
Office Q612   Extension   3355
Email :
Associate professor Chen, Mei-Ying
Education : Ph.D in TESOL, Tamkang Univesity
Specialty : Investigating Language for TESOL; Syllabus Design and Development for TESOL
Office Q605  Extension 3382
E-mail :
Assistant professor Wu, Yi-Ching
Education : Ph.D. in Lingustics, National TsingHua University
Specialty : Syntax, Chinese Linguistics, Psycholinguistics, Applied Linguistics, Contrastive Linguistics
Office Q607  Extension 3350
E-mail :
Assistant professor Jiang, Bi-Ju
Education : Ph.D. in Chinese, Tung Hai University
Specialty : Chinese Literature
Office Q606  Extension 3349
E-mail :
Assistant professor     Hu, Wen-Chu
Education :Insititute of Education, University of London(PhD)
Specialty : Curriculum and Pedagogy, Educational Sociology, TCSL, e-Learning, Cultural Studies
Office Q625  Extension 3368
E-mail :
Assistant  Professor    Hu, Yee-Chia
Education :Ed.D in Bilingual Education, Texas A&M University
Specialty :  Professional translator in both Chinese and English,  ESL/CSL teaching, curriculum design/program coordination,  Experienced sensitivity to cross-cultural issues, second language acquisition (SLA), bilingual education, pragmatics, translation studies, and the teaching of Chinese character,  Language coach, workshop presenter, and team builder
Office Q629   Extension 3372
E-mail  :
Assistant professor Hsieh, Fu-Tsai
Education : PhD in Linguistics, University of York, UK
Specialty : Linguistics, (First/Second) Language Acquisition, Syntax, Chinese Linguistics, Psycholinguistics, Applied Linguistics, Contrastive Linguistics, Sociolinguistics, Language Teaching
Office Q628   Extension 3371
E-mail :
Assistant professor  Wang, Yu-Yun
Education : Ph.D in Linguistic, University of Southern California
Specialty : Syntax, Linguistics, Language analysis, Research Methodology
Office P205-1-1   Extension 5018
E-mail :
Assistant professor Chen, Ya-Fang
Education : PhD. In Teahching Chinese as a Second Lauguage, National Taipei university of Education
Specialty : Chinese Pedagogy, Taiwanese Folk and Culture, Second Language Acquisition, Chinese Language Curriculum and Instructional Design, Chinese Language Teaching, Chinese Language Teaching Methods and Materials
Office P205-1-4   Extension 5015
E-mail  :
Part-time Professor Chiang,Hsi-Mei
Education : Ph.D.,Soo Chow University
Specialty : Studies in Literature Theory 、Classic Poetry、Language Education、Character Study Rhetoric、Studies of Chinese Philology
E-mail :
Part-time Instructor      Annie Tai
Education : MEd in TESOL; University of Leeds, UK
Specialty : Investigating Language for TESOL; Syllabus Design and Development for TESOL; Evaluation and Testing for TESOL; Teacher Education for TESOL.
E-mail :
Secretary : Hsieh, Ho-Ju 
Office P505  Extension 3662
E-mail :